A 6-week blended course of videos, readings and 1 live session per week. For all levels of Montessori educators. 15P.D. hours

Course opens June 20th- live sessions 7-8ET June 27, July 11, 18 25, Aug. 1, 8

Module One: Introduction to an Inclusive Montessori Classroom

  • The what & why of inclusion
  • The range of diversity in our classrooms-  ASD, ADHD, Anxiety, SPD

Module Two: Introduction to Responsive Guidance

  • The what & why of responsive guidance
  • Understanding human tendencies in an inclusive classroom
  • Key Principles for supporting diversity in learning and behavior

Module Three: Preparing Ourselves as Inclusive Teachers

  • Relationship as the Most Powerful Tool
  • Self-awareness & Self-regulation for Co-regulation
  • Inquiry Observation as Our Guide

Module Four: Preparing Our Inclusive Environment

  • The impact of the Physical Environment
  • The impact of the Social-emotional Environment
  • Creating a Culture of Belonging

Module Five: The Inclusive Instructional Environment

  • Differentiated vs. Individualized Instruction
  • An Introduction to Universal Design for Learning

Module Six: Progressing Toward Positive Inclusion

  • Partnering with Families and Community Professionals
  • Using the Montessori-based Universal Practices Checklist
  • Progress is a Process

Christine Lowry, M.Ed. & M.A.

Instructor Bio:

Christine shares her many years of experience as a Montessori/special educator and founder/director and classroom teacher of 2 Montessori Inclusive schools serving children with diverse behavior and learning needs. She offers professional development, consultation, and coaching for families, educators, and school leaders.

Christine Lowry

Senior Consultant- IMC/MF

Christine Lowry

Christine Lowry, M.Ed. & M.A.

Instructor Bio:

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