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Wellbeing coaching specifically for teachers and administrators. Easy to follow lesson plans empowering students to find balance, focus, success and harmony during the school day and beyond.

Empowered Wellbeing for Success school curriculum series level one is the foundation to give both you and your students the tools needed for self-regulation, one-pointed focus and calm bodies and minds. It will provide techniques to help with moving out of an over-activated emotional and mental state into balance both mentally, emotionally and physically, allowing for better classroom management and flow-state learning to occur. This program is fundamental in developing the tools needed to cope with the mental health crisis of today. If you want to feel more empowered and want to empower your children with proven, neuroscience techniques, this program is for you. 

This course will have optional live Zoom opportunities scheduled by the course instructor Hillary Drinkell.


Instructor Bio:

I’ve been involved in Montessori education for several decades. Early on, I came to realize that helping children find a healthy balance within their minds and bodies was key to every child’s success in school and in life. As the decades progressed, I noticed more and more students, their families, faculty, and administrators, struggling to find a healthy life-balance. A holistic approach to health and wellbeing has always been my passion so, I decided to study various wellbeing techniques which would enable me to help myself and others find and maintain a healthy balance within mind and body. Consulting and working within the Montessori education community, I hear about overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout amongst so many that I now focus on helping all school constituents discover holistic mental and physical health and wellbeing techniques to ensure ultimate central nervous system balance for success, wellbeing, and resilience. The best part about these techniques is that they are scientifically proven so we can use them in schools without offending anyone. If you are ready to uplevel your life and bring about wellbeing and resilience in your students, connect with me for my Empowered Wellbeing for Success® School Education Series or join my Self-Care Sanctuary for Empowerment | A Self-Care Sanctuary for those of us in Education.

Hillary Drinkell

Hillary Drinkell

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Course curriculum

  • 02

    Welcome to the Course

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    • Empowered Wellbeing for Success® School Education Series Curriculum Outline
    • About Me!
    • Introduction
    • Welcome and Contact Information - Empowered Wellbeing For Success® School Education Series Curriculum - Level 1
  • 03

    Level 1 Week 1

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    • Level_1_Week_1_Welcome_to_the_curriculum (1080p)
    • Level_1_Week_1_deep_abdomen_belly_breathing (1080p)
    • Level_1_Week_1_Visualizations_Intro_Adults
    • Level_1_Week_1_Mindfulness of Taste
    • Level_1_Week_1_teacher_coaching_webinar (720p)
    • Level_1_Week_1A_Visualizations_Adults_IAmPurePotentiality
    • Level_1_Week_1B_Visualizations_Adult_HarmonyCosmicLaw
    • Level_1_Week_1A_Visualizations_Adults_IAmPurePotentiality
    • Level_1_Week_1B_Visualizations_Adult_HarmonyCosmicLaw
  • 04

    Level 1 Week 2

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    • Affirmations_and_visualizations_Introduction_Module_1_Week2 (1080p) (1)
    • Affirmations-Visualizations_Level_1_Week_2
    • Level_1_Week_2_mountain_and_tree_poses_-_yoga (1080p)
    • EWFS_Movement_Level_1_Week2
    • Level_1_Week_2_Affirmations_Students (1)
    • Level_1_Week_2_Affirmations_Adult_Intro
    • Level_1_Week_2_Affirmations_Adults
  • 05

    Level 1 Week 3

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    • Level_1__Week_3_Mindfulness_Breath
    • Level_1_Week_3_alternate_nostril_breathing (1080p)
    • EWFS_Mindfulness_Level_1_Week_3
    • EWFS_Breathing_Level_1_Week_3
    • Level_1_Week_3_teacher_coaching_webinar_breath (720p)
    • Level_1_Week_3_Visualizations_Adult_NourisherUniverse
  • 06

    Level 1 Week 4

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    • Affirmations_Level_1__Week_4_Adults
    • Affirmations-Visualizations_Level_1_Week_4
    • EWFS_Movement_Level_1_Week_4
    • EWFS_Level_1_Week_4_twists-yoga (1080p)
    • Affirmations_Level_1_Week_4_Students
    • Bonus _ Lying Down Hip Rocks