Course Fee

A 6-week self-paced course of videos/readings with a weekly live session to share your classroom concerns in primary through upper elementary .

Course readings/videos open when you register!

Jan. 18- Mar. 1

Live sessions 7:30 ET (US)

Jan. 25 & Feb. 1, 8, 15, 22 & Mar. 1

Using a Structured Literacy framework, you will learn how to:

1. establish a great language foundation for all students.

2. identify who is struggling and why.

3. use a Montessori-based formative assessment for instruction.

4. provide differentiated instruction, scaffolding, prompts, and feedback

5. implement a plan of instruction using "diagnostic teaching."

6. choose from sample lessons and activities using Montessori materials and lesson sequence.

Instructor- Christine Lowry, M.Ed.MA.

Instructor Bio:

Christine shares her many years of experience as a Montessori/special educator and founder/director and classroom teacher of 2 Montessori Inclusive schools serving children with diverse behavior and learning needs. She offers professional development, consultation, and coaching for families, educators, and school leaders.

Christine Lowry

Senior Consultant- IMC/MF

Christine Lowry