Appreciative Leadership

Course Starting September 2023

6 Live Zoom Sessions

What is Appreciative Leadership? Appreciative Leadership is a positive, strength-based  approach to the responsibilities and challenges of leadership. It draws on the principles and  techniques of Appreciative Inquiry, a collaborative approach to personal and organizational  development that focuses on strengths, possibilities, and successes and that can be far more  engaging and productive than traditional problem-based approaches. 

Outcomes: This webinar series will: 

1. Introduce participants to the principles and techniques of Appreciative Inquiry and  Appreciative Leadership. 

2. Give participants concrete, positive tools they can use to apply Appreciative Inquiry  and Appreciative Leadership to key areas in their work, including: 

• Identifying and nurturing their own strengths as leaders. 

• Leading and engaging staff and other stakeholders in positive, productive ways. 

• Helping other staff members identify and nurture their strengths. 

• Building effective teams. 

• Awakening the creative spirit in staff and other stakeholders for short-term and  long-term planning and development.  


  1. Appreciative Inquiry and the Montessori Way

An overview of the basic principles and techniques of Appreciative Inquiry and an exploration of how these relate to Montessori principles and practices.

  1. Appreciative Leadership – Being Your Best as a Montessori Leader

An introduction to using Appreciative Inquiry to strengthen participants’ leadership skills by nurturing Inquiry, Illumination, Inclusion, Inspiration, and Integrity in their work.

  1. Appreciative Coaching and Team Building – Tools for Working with Staff and Parents

An introduction to using Appreciative Inquiry to help individuals create and implement empowering professional development plans and/or to help teams (of staff and/or parents) work together effectively.

  1. Appreciative Planning – Creating a Shared Vision for Your School

An introduction to using Appreciative Inquiry for organizational planning using the SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results) model

  1. Appreciative Resilience - Leading during Challenging Times

An introduction to using the principles and techniques of Appreciative Resilience to support individuals and teams during challenging times.

  1. Putting It All Together – Making a Plan to Implement Appreciative Leadership at Your School

A review of the course material and guidance on creating  a plan to implement one or more of the covered techniques to your school.

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Instructor Bio:

Charlie Biggs is an Appreciative Inquiry facilitator, writer, and leadership coach/consultant for nonprofit organizations and independent schools. He has over 30 years of experience in nonprofit and school leadership, and he is in the final stages of receiving certification as an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator from the Center for Appreciative Inquiry. Charlie was Director of the Knoxville Montessori School from 2009-2017, and he currently serves as a Board member and Chair of the Education Committee for the Montessori Alliance of Tennessee. He is also a Board member of the Association of Infant Mental Health of Tennessee and a member of the Coaching and Consulting Team for the Alliance for Better Nonprofits in Knoxville, TN.

Charlie Biggs

Charlie Biggs