We can create more peaceable classrooms and schools when we put the “peace(s)” together in thoughtful, compassionate, and intentional ways. Using the acronym of PIP we will consider the tasks of Prevention, Intervention and building Partnerships to create a more peaceable classroom and alleviate behaviors that cause problems in the classroom. Behavior more than academic diversity is what teachers often find most challenging.  Management of problem behaviors is the most troubling issue facing schools as identified by both educators and the general public. We all learn best in a peaceful vs distressing environment.  So where do we begin?

Finding the right balance between nurturing and reasonable limit setting is an on-going task for teachers and parents alike. Creating confident, competent, and compassionate children is the goal we all share. This course will examine the strategies for preventing as many troubling behaviors as possible; how to intervene based on our Montessori principles as a restorative approach and how we can develop partnerships with our parents and community members to resolve underlying issues.  In a four-part prerecorded and two-part live sessions, participants will gain practical and strategic tools for building peaceable classrooms and schools that can benefit everyone in the most significant ways.

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    Pre-record, Session 1 - PREVENTION Stage One: Creating Peaceable Classrooms with PIP and Cultivating Community

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    • #1 PRE-RECORD Putting Peace(s) Together w PIP Slideshow
    • zoom PIP session #1 recording
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    Pre-record, Session 2 - PREVENTION Stage Two: Nurturing and Encouraging a Climate of Peace

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    • #2 PRE-RECORD Putting Peace(s) Together w PIP
    • zoom PIP Session #2 recording
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    Pre-record, Session 3 - INTERVENTION: When Where and How for the Typical

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    • #3 PRE-RECORD Putting Peace(s) Together w PIP
    • zoom_0 Peace(s) PIP Session #3
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    Pre-record, Session 4 - INTERVENTION: From Ballistic to Balanced and Building Partnerships

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    • #4 PRE-RECORD Putting Peace(s) Together w PIP
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Instructor Bio:

Claire J. Salkowski is the Principal Consultant for C. J. Consulting and Services, an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) practitioner and a Montessori educator having worked as a school founder, teacher, administrator, accreditation specialist, teacher trainer and presenter, both nationally and internationally for over 40 years. She was also the Director of the Montessori Education Program at Delaware State University and Mediation and Educational Programs at the North Baltimore Center of Mosaic Community Services and continues serving with several Montessori and ADR organizations. Claire’s passion for peace education, conflict resolution, and compassionate classroom management has informed her work and writing throughout her career.

Claire Salkowski

Claire Salkowski


Instructor Bio: