Give Your Voice / Lend a Hand

Creating A Staff Culture of Shared Responsibility | taught by J. Wolff & T. Ryskind
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J. Wolff & T. Ryskind
J. Wolff & T. Ryskind
Senior Montessori School and Leadership Consultants

About the instructor

Jonathan Wolff and Tanya Ryskind have teamed up to offer this dynamic course on creating a culture of shared responsibility in your school.

Jonathan and Tanya are consultants, trainers, speakers and authors who infuse their work in leadership development, strategic planning and organizational effectiveness with 30 years experience as educators and administrators.

Audience: teachers, administrators and board members

What changes would you like to see at your school next year?

As a teacher, how would you like to have more opportunities to share ideas for program improvement with fellow staff and administration?

As an administrator, would you like to see more staff step up in support of program standards and policies?

In this three part course, we discuss how to create an organizational culture of shared responsibility, collaboration, and personal accountability.

Montessori schools which exhibit this kind of positive climate tend to achieve better results in programs, enrollment, retention, parent engagement, and staff effectiveness and morale.

Give Your Voice, Lend A Hand, Establishing a Culture of Shared Responsibility in Your School will provide participants with an opportunity to create an action plan for enhanced professional effectiveness and work satisfaction.

Schedule: Each module consists of a 90 minute video of a live presentation given by Jonathan Wolff, Tanya Ryskind, and Tim Seldin. There is also an mp3 audio version of the live session and a workbook in PDF form for you to print out.

Each suggests a week-long process of thought and consideration. Modules 2 and 3 will open up one week apart after you enroll.

Cost: $250.00

Course Contents

3 Videos
3 Texts
5 PDFs
3 Audios